we cover

We venture to where the mainstream wealth and fund managers rarely do. We extensively
research and trade speculatively in the global forex, the equity index and commodities markets. Positions here are typically in the form of highly liquid traded futures.

In equities our speciality is small- to mid-range companies, with a special focus on emerging megatrends-related stories. In this asset class we invest primarily in individual shares. Our speciality is emerging technologies, junior and maturing commodity companies as well as companies involved in the green energy/renewables revolution. In these three broader
segments we are already invested in over 200 companies and follow an additional 250 stories.

We mostly do passive bond management to provide baseline return to our investors and use regional and global low-cost money-market funds to take care of cash management.

Torridon Investment Research, 1114 Hungary, Budapest, Orlay u. 3.
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