Torridon Investments Research

Trading for a Living

the Company

Torridon Investment Research was founded in 2014 as a BVI company serving primarily clients in the CEE region and headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Originally we were dedicated solely to investment research and advisory.

In 2016 the company has widened its scope to include active wealth management and private banking services. In this capacity we manage money for private and institutional clients. The format of management is either dedicated accounts and portfolios as well as privately subscribed funds.

our Market Philosophy

We are sceptic and critical thinkers. We never assume and always ask. This faculty of ours made us to develop an unorthodox approach to the markets as we believe in the non-Efficient Markets Hypothesis. Thus we recognise the importance of the human element in market behaviour and see markets as naturally irrational as the humans that move them. Therefore our primary analytical tool is technical analysis and behavioural economics. We also employ classic fundamental analysis, but only after actual price action justified our interest in a given investment. 


    Torridon Investment Research, 1114 Hungary, Budapest, Orlay u. 3.
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